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On Submitting

(Actually, that title sounds almost suggestive.  Should we, perhaps, call it “sending out”?) The very first piece I wrote and submitted for publication was a short story called “Shanghai, Anyone?”  I was in junior high.  The magazine was Langauge Works, the state-wide publication of the Maine Council of English and Language Arts, showcasing student work. …

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On Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe

  This morning, when I awoke, the first thing I set eyes on was a print of Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe. The print has hung on my bedroom wall for as long as I’ve had this bedroom; waking up to it always makes me happy, because it’s a reminder that life is one big story. …

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On Terry Plunkett and the Art of the Schmooze

Terry Plunkett, for nearly 30 years, was part of the English faculty at the University of Maine at Augusta.  In that time, he was also co-editor of Kennebec:  A Portfolio of Maine Writing.  Some years after he died in 1998, the Terry Plunkett Maine Poetry Festival was established in his honor. I first met Terry …

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