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On Choosing What to Read: the Playlist

A bit of navel-gazing.  A bit of angst. Next week I’m going to be doing a reading as part of the Stonecoast Alumni Association program at the winter residency. I earned my MFA from the Stonecoast program of the University of Southern Maine, graduating in January of 2005.  In the interim I have published two …

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On The Beauty of It

Announcing…my new baby! There is nothing quite like holding your own book in your hands.This is my chapbook. It’s my second published chapbook, and it came out, from Sheltering Pines Press, this week.  My author copies were in my mailbox when I got home Monday afternoon.  I have been waiting for them breathlessly since Annie …

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On Terry Plunkett and the Art of the Schmooze

Terry Plunkett, for nearly 30 years, was part of the English faculty at the University of Maine at Augusta.  In that time, he was also co-editor of Kennebec:  A Portfolio of Maine Writing.  Some years after he died in 1998, the Terry Plunkett Maine Poetry Festival was established in his honor. I first met Terry …

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