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On the High Seas

The seas were running high on Saturday, when my way-cool sister Susan and I went out to Monhegan Island for our annual fall hiking extravaganza.  In the morning, when we boarded the 10:30 boat at Port Clyde, it was dead-low tide; the gangplank loaded passengers onto the upper deck.  This is where we usually sit, …

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On Something New on Monhegan Island

The Monhegan Island ferry from Port Clyde will stop running for the winter after next weekend.  Thus it was that my way-cool sister Susan and I had our yearly adventure out on the island this past Saturday; it poured that day, but we are hardy–and stubborn–souls, so we boarded the 10:30 boat and went out …

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On Monhegan Island

For years, my way cool sister Susan and I have been going out to Monhegan Island to hike.  We have traditionally gone on the last weekend the ferry runs before going to the winter schedule.  Usually this is the last weekend in September or the first in October.  We’ve missed a couple of years–the year …

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