Books :

The Church of St. Materiana (poetry) Moon Pie Press, 2007mandolin-player-cover-3-16

The Beauty of It (poetry) Sheltering Pines Press, 2010/reissued Old School House Books, 2015

The Book of the Mandolin Player (novel), Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company,  2016

Counting the Days (poetry) Pink Girl Ink, forthcoming 2017



Paris Anthology Serving House Press, forthcoming 2015

Agreeable Friends II Moon Pie Press, 2013

Maine Taproot Maine Poets’ Society, 2011

Agreeable Friends Moon Pie Press, 2008

Letters to the World Red Hen Press, 2007


Magazines/Journals: (poetry except where noted)

“Lunch Date with My Daughter” Peeking Cat 2016

“Poem for the end of July” Peeking Cat 2016

“Absence” Dead Snakes 2016

“Singing School” Dead Snakes 2016

“Train” Dead Snakes 2016

“April 22-23: a Drowning” Medusa’s Kitchen 2016

“Emergence” Medusa’s Kitchen 2016

“Fiddleheading” Medusa’s Kitchen 2016

“Giving Blood” Medusa’s Kitchen 2016

“Las Ramblas Bar de Tapas” Medusa’s Kitchen 2016

“March 7, 1996” Medusa’s Kitchen 2016

“Requiem” Medusa’s Kitchen 2016

“What We Forget” Medusa’s Kitchen 2016

“My Father Did Not Drown When He Was 12” Heartbeat  210667560_442793421847_152378471847_5516267_828023_n

“A Trick of the Light” Linnet’s Wings 2016

“December Dusk” Linnet’s Wings 2016

“On the Strawberry Hill Train” Ink in Thirds 2016

“Scar” Galway Review 2016

“Tearing Down the Walls” Galway Review 2016

“The Undersides of Leaves” Galway Review 2016

“Self-Sufficiency” Amaryllis 2016

“December, and Sirens” Random Poem Tree  2016

“Letter, February 7th” Random Poem Tree  2016

“Reading the Cards” Random Poem Tree  2016

“Loons” KNOT Magazine 2016

“She Gets Lost in the Tube Map” KNOT Magazine 2016

“Handwritten” A New Ulster 2016

“Having” A New Ulster 2016

“Imbolc”A New Ulster 2016

“A Cup of Tea on the Porch” Homestead Review 2015

“Dream of Spring” Homestead Review 2015

“New Year’s” Beechwood Review 2015

“Relief” (short story) Five on the Fifth 2015

“Earth Day, One Year Later” Mistress 2015

“Farm Christmas” Mistress 2015

“Garden of Stars” Clear Poetry 2015

“Haunt” Clear Poetry 2015

“The Downside” Clear Poetry 2015

“The Smell of the Leaves” Corvus Review 2015

“Rosemount Trattoria” Corvus Review 2015

“The Border”  Clementine  2015

“Sixteen” Clementine  2015

“Solstice (ii)” Clementine  2015

“Blue Door” Musae P Adumbratus  2015

“Sunset, Harbor” Musae P Adumbratus  2015

“Mirrors” (short story) Down in the Dirt 2015

“Laying the Walkway,” A New Ulster 2015

“Ruelle des Rèves”  A New Ulster 2015

“Woods”  A New Ulster 2015

“Snow Hawk” Communion 2015

“Brenda’s Poem” The Vehicle  2015

“Evita” The Vehicle 2015

“The Archduke” The Vehicle 2015

“Light” TulipTree Review 2015

“Safe” TulipTree Review 2015

“Love” Apeiron Review 2015

“Handwriting” Review Americana: a Literary Journal 2015

“List” Review Americana: a Literary Journal 2015

“Poppies” Review Americana: a Literary Journal 2015

“Logan” Westview 2015

“Poem in Which She Finds Accidental Joy” Westview 2015

“Third Horse” Fox Cry Review 2015

“Confession: Fritz” Lunar Poetry 2015

“Cobbles” (short story) Zetetic: a Record of Unusual Enquiry 2015

“Air Mail” Yellow Chair Review 2015

“Insomnia” Empty Sink 2015

“Loneliness” Empty Sink 2015

“Shoes of the Giant” Empty Sink 2015

“Doors at 16” Miller’s Pond Poetry Magazine 2015

“A Sleep Too Deep for Dreams” The Aurorean 2015  

“Cold Geometry” The Aurorean 2015

“Plums” Amarillo Bay 2015


“September Cheat” ken*again 2014

“Street of Mysteries” ken*again 2014

“Where Have You Been?” ken*again 2014

“Nearly April” The Laughing Dog 2014

“The Bread Aisle at Bud’s Shop ‘n Save” The Laughing Dog 2014  

“Obsession” Sunlit 2014

“Paris Snap” Naugatuck River Review 2014

“The Golden Road” Garbanzo Literary Journal 2014

“Wolves” The Camel Saloon 2014

“Ball” Lavender Wolves Literary Journal 2014

“Birch” East Coast Literary Journal  2014

“A Boy I Used to Know” Acumen 2014

“Because, Mermaid” The Aurorean 2014

“Border Country” Ghost House Review 2014  

“Martyr” The Screech Owl 2014

“Epiphany” The Screech Owl 2014

“Winter Sun” The Screech Owl 2014

“New Old House” Aardvark Press 2014

“Ghosts” Aardvark Press 2014 “Splinter” Aardvark Press 2014

“We’ll Always Have Paris” (short story) The Griffin 2014

“Owl” (short story) Minetta Review 2014

“Anti-Sonnet” Pirene’s Fountain 2014

“If a Tree Falls” Illya’s Honey 2014

“The Music of the Spheres” Kentucky Review 2014

“Chanteuse” Dual Coast 2014

“The Prodigal” Dual Coast 2014

“The Last Poem in the World” The Lost Coast Review 2014

Autumn Song” The Lost Coast Review 2014

“Dive” The Lost Coast Review 2014

“Red Pear” Poetry Salzburg Review 2014

“Jewel” (short story) Every Day Fiction 2014

“Eliotsville Township” Magnolia Review 2014

“The Ghost of Christmas Past” Magnolia Review 2014

“January Thaw” Heart 2014


“Talking to Walls” The Laughing Dog 2013

“Sundown at the Galaxy Diner” Subsync Press Poems of the Month November 2013

“Night, Deep Winter” Cactus Heart 2013

“The Dead are Real” The MacGuffin 2013

“Reading Poetry Before the Storm” Kin 2013

Blizzard” Camel Saloon 2013

“Night Music in the Garage” Camel Saloon 2013

“Wonder” Hamilton Stone Review 2013  

“Finding the Ghost Orchard” Epicentre 2013

“Haunting” Epicentre 2013 

The Last Cigarette in the World” Epicentre 2013

“Open to the Sky” Blue Hour Magazine  2013

“Snow in April” Blue Hour Magazine 2013

“Sunday Afternoon Goodbye” Blue Hour Magazine 2013

“Where Have You Been” Tableau Literary Journal 2013

“The Blue Hour” Bengal Lights 2013

“A Young Brooklyn Family…” Loch Raven Review 2013

Terminus” (short story) Twisted Endings 2013

“Chinese Restaurant” ken*again 2013

“Belsize Park” ken*again 2013

“Cold Beautiful World” ken*again 2103

“Take-Off” The Germ 2013

“Body” (short story) Rind Literary Magazine 2013

“For Someone Important” The Circle Review 2013

Dream of Spring” Identity Theory 2013

“Current” Zest Literary Journal 2013

“Hangar Lane” Zest Literary Journal 2013

“Nocturne” Window Lit-Mag 2013

“Full Moon, First Night of Spring” Leaves of Ink 2013

“The Jesus Door” The Literary Yard 2013

“Raspberries” Olentangy Rreview 2103

“Driving the Front” Ink, Sweat & Tears 2013

“Early Spring” Forever Onward! Review 2013

“Flashback” Forever Onward! Review 2013

“Laundry and Stories” Futures Trading 2013

“Elegy for a Christmas that Never Was” Gravel: A Literary Journal 2013

“Ghosts on the Edge of Sleep” Gravel: A Literary Journal 2013

“Snow” Gravel: A Literary Journal 2013

“Brother” (short story) Blue Bear Review 2013

“Laundromat” Lummox 2013 “

Quick Change” Chantarelle’s Notebook 2013

“Underground” Verdad 2013

“Afternoon of Treasure” Bangalore Review 2013

“Book Mobile” The Café Review Michael Macklin issue 2013

“Algebra II in Springtime” The Black Cat  2013

“Looking for Orion” The Black Cat 2013

“Last Night on the Fire Escape” Black Wire 2013


“Midnight, Midsummer” Apeiron Review 2012


In the CorridorMisfits’ Miscellany, 2012

Late SpringMisfits’ Miscellany, 2012

Negative IonsMisfits’ Miscellany, 2012

SnowplowPalimpsest: a Creative Journal of the Humanities, 2012

ObituaryLinden Avenue Literary Journal, 2012

Peanuts: a Sorry Attempt at a Love PoemLinden Avenue Literary Journal, 2012

Meditation on the View from the Bell TowerLinnet’s Wings, 2012

Twilight, Route 2 DetourNib, 2012

Unfamiliar TerritoryThe Rusty Nail, 2012

WeatheringThe Rusty Nail, 2012


Requiescat” Ayris Magazine, 2012

BackyardThe Vehicle, 2012

DowneasterThe Vehicle, 2012

Population” Big River Poetry Review, 2012

Where We Leapt From” Glass: a Journal of Poetry, 2012

Body Memory” Granny Smith Magazine, 2012

Hymn to My Hands” Ascent Aspirations, 2012

Ice Out” Ascent Aspirations, 2012

Soon” Poetry Breakfast, 2012

On a Day Like Today” Poetry Breakfast, 2012

From the Diary of a Desperate Woman (ii)” The Aurorean, 2012

Mile Beach” The Orange Room Review, 2012

Minding the Flea Market Table” The Orange Room Review, 2012

My Mother on the Stairs” Muddy River Poetry Review, 2012

Reasons to Think Things Will Be Okay” New Mirage Quarterly, 2012

Sheet Music” New Mirage Quarterly, 2012

My Father Walks Through Water” (short story) Waterhouse Review, 2012

Café Terrace at Night” I-70 Review, 2012

Beating the Storm” Rose & Thorn Journal, 2012

Coven” From the Depths Online, 2012


For My Son, Playing Rec Basketball” Broad River Review, 2011

Downpour” LocusPoint, 2011

Filling Up Before Work” LocusPoint, 2011

Ice Night” LocusPoint, 2011

A Shape to Fill a Lack” LocusPoint, 2011

Vegetable Goddess” LocusPoint, 2011BookoftheMandolinPlayer

One Day, One Wish” Taproot, 2011

What We’ve Lost” Taproot, 2011

The Books” Writeous, 2011

Germination” Writeous, 2011

Light” Writeous, 2011

Echoes” Ascent Aspirations, 2010

Divorce” Furnace Review, 2010

Random Nature of Accident” Pennine Ink, 2010

Flight” Wolf Moon Journal, 2010


Brushing Sylvia’s Hair” The Aurorean, 2009

Ars Poetica, 1970” Aquila Review, 2009

Dover Road” Apple Valley Review, 2009

Only Acts of Poetical Terrorism” Main Street Rag, 2009

Proposition” Main Street Rag, 2009

Sleeping with the Red Sox” Tipton Review, 2009

Tattoo” Honeyland Review, 2009

Watching My Neighbor Shingle, December 31” Naugatuck River Review, 2009


First Marriage” Naugatuck River Review, 2008

After the AIDS Benefit Reading” The Sun2008

Claw-Footed Bathtub” Ilya’s Honey, 2008

8:30 p.m.” Long Story Short, 2008

Inside, a Thought” Long Story Short, 2008

Silence” Boiling River Review, 2008

Splitting” Boiling River Review, 2008


Tattoos I Don’t Have” The Cafe Review, 2007

The Weight of Winter” The Cafe Review, 2007

On a Blood Orange” The Cafe Review, 2007

At Dinner” The Cafe Review, 2007

History Lesson” Cimarron Review, 2007


Supplication” Willow Review, 2006

The Beauty of It” Animus, 2006


Review—Humming to Snails (Taylor) The Cafe Review, 2005

Practicality” HazMat Review, 2005

Sonnet for September 29 & After” HazMat Review, 2005

Leak” White Pelican, 2005

Sculpture” Animus, 2005


At the Lakeside Market” Sakana, 2004

Strike” Sakana, 2004


Heading South” 13th Moon2003

Bowl” Ship of Fools, 2003

Tropic of Cancer” Artisan, 2003

First Mow” 96 Inc., 2003

Almost” Red Owl Magazine, 2003

Dreaming of an Old Lover in the Bath” Pine Island Journal, 2003

From the Diary of a Desperate Woman” Nomad’s Choir, 2003

Potatoes, 7 a.m.” Taproot Literary Review, 2003


The Drill” Confluence, 2002

Neville 406” Confluence, 2002

Spring Thunderstorm” Small Brushes, 2002

Reading Yeats on Burns Night” Creative Juices, 2002

April Fool” Mojo Risin’, 2002

Pulp Truck, Exeter” Mojo Risin’, 2002

The End of the World” Eagle’s Flight, 2002

For Matthew Arnold in April” Art Times, 2002

On Reading D. T.” Northern Stars, 2002

Opportunist” Synergist, 2002

Telephonic” Nanny Fanny, 2002


Melancholia” The Blind Man’s Rainbow, 2001

Emotion Recollected in Tranquillity” Sweet Annie & Sweet Pea Review, 2001

In the Quiet House” Poetic Realm, 2001

Landlady” Small Pond, 2001

Lonely Lovely O” Barbaric Yawp, 2001

Motherfear” Advocate, 2001

Sunday Rain” Red Owl Review, 2001


We Didn’t Want What They Were Offering” Exit 13, 2000

Borderline Agoraphobic” Exit 13, 2000

The Bus Line” Hidden Oak, 2000

The Angry Daughter” Poetry Depth Quarterly, 2000

Imposter” Poetic Realm, 2000

The Bus Line” Hidden River, 2000

Charles Burchfield: ‘Childhood’s Garden’” Pegasus, 2000

First Snow, Bangor, December 8” Poetic Realm, 2000

Impostor” Poetic Realm, 2000

In November” Thumbprints, 2000

Storm, 2 a.m.” Thumbprints, 2000

Sunkhaze Meadow, November 8” Simple Vows, 2000


Who Says Girls Can’t Play With Trains?” Limestone, 1999

Harold’s Last Date, July, 1922” Potpourri, 1999

End of Summer” Potpourri, 1999

The Fall” Potpourri, 1999

On Rabid Ducks and Poetry Men” Beauty for Ashes, 1999

Baby Wakes the Loons” Northern Stars, 1999

Futility” Northern Stars, 1999

Near Miss at the Top of the World” Northern Stars, 1999

Bud’s Shop ‘N Save” Artword Quarterly, 1999

The King Lear Pub” Carpe Laureate Diem, 1999

Carelessness” Carpe Laureate Diem, 1999

Instrument of Death,” Carpe Laureate Diem, 1999

Ice Storm, After Four Days” Castalian Springs, 1999

Letter to M.O.” Footprints, 1999

Time Passes” Footprints, 1999

Mixed Blessings” Footprints, 1999

Lost” Hear Our Voices, 1999

The Music of the Spheres” Blood & Fire Review, 1999

Nest” New Mirage Quarterly, 1999

Poppies on the Porch” Eagle’s Flight, 1999

Take Me to the River” Higginsville Reader, 1999

3:35 a.m.” The Synergist, 1999


Persephone: December 21st” Riverrun, 1998

Farm Neighbor” The Poet’s Page, 1998

Replacement” The Poet’s Page, 1998

Haircut” Free Focus, 1998

Distraction” The Oak, 1998

Birthday” Offerings, 1998

Waiting Room” Offerings, 1998

Close Quarters” Blind Man’s Rainbow, 1998

Cycle” Blind Man’s Rainbow, 1998

Defiance, Ohio” Elysian Fields Quarterly, 1998

Distraction” The Oak, 1998

Divorce” Anthology, 1998

Hilltop, Exeter” Midwest Poetry Review, 1998

I Remember That Remark” Candlelight Poetry Review, 1998

Mythology” Candlelight Poetry Review, 1998

Low Tide, Bay of Fundy” Fox Cry, 1998

Mother Earth” Muse of Fire, 1998

On the Cape” Muse of Fire, 1998

Pork” Odin’s Eye, 1998


Before the Burn-Out” The Aurorean, 1997

Concussion” Poetry Motel, 1997

Land Owner” Bellowing Ark, 1997

One Girl’s Nightmare: Waking” Pegasus, 1997

Sebasticook Lake, June 19” Advocate, 1997

Song for a Woman Who Was Always Scared” Red Owl Magazine, 1997

Sudden Death” Aguilar’s Expression, 1997

(Untitled) Medicinal Purposes Review, 1997


Crystalline” South Ash Press, 1995


The Glove” Spitball, 1994

Baseball Heaven” Elysian Fields Quarterly, 1994

Genesis” Cafe Review, 1994

Tools” Cafe Review, 1994


Killer” Thirteen Magazine, 1992

Recognition” Bold Print, 1992


Requiescat in Pace” Fox Cry, 1991

Mirror, Porter Cemetery” Fox Cry, 1991

Outlaw Mothers” Kennebec, 1991

Still at Dover Beach” Night Roses, 1991

Summer” Night Roses, 1991


Leave a Message at the Tone” Valley Women’s Voice, 1990

You Know Who You Are” Valley Women’s Voice, 1990

Love Poem” Not Your Average Zine, 1990

On Considering Edouard Manet” Kennebec, 1990


Zelda” (short story) Kennebec, 1989


(Quarterly book reviews) Maine In Print, 1983-1989


Shanghai, Anyone?” (short story) Language Works, 1979

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