About Anne Britting Oleson

I read. I write. I listen and I usually sing along. I teach. I travel. I ride my bike. I hike. I climb mountains. I play trumpet reasonably well, piano less well, and ukulele the worst of all. I keep scorebooks at baseball games, softball games, basketball games, whatever. I dig weeds out of my garden. I fix my house. I cook. My kids find me amusing and annoying by turn, but they always know where to find me. I laugh a lot, because a lot of things are funny.

I went to Bowdoin College in the 80’s and really felt out-of-step there. I went to the Stonecoast MFA program in 2002, and decided people should go to college in their 30’s because it’s more fun when you already know some things.

I’ve published poems, short stories, book reviews, essays and photographs, as well as two poetry chapbooks, The Church of Saint Materiana and The Beauty of It (which is all about the things I’m in love with–which is damned near everything). I’m a member of Simply Not Done, a women’s reading, writing and teaching collaborative. With them and by myself, I’ve done a bunch of public readings in New England and in New York City.

I’m usually restless.

That about covers it.


  1. Megan

    I searched for the title of your manuscript “The Book of the Mandolin Player” because I received a request from the Joy Harris Agency (which I also querried) asking me for 50 pages. The thing that struck me as odd was that while they replied directly to my query, they mentioned the title as “The Book of the Mandolin Player”. This was a couple of months ago and I had not yet heard a response, though I sent the 50 pages in hopes that they had another title in mind but that it was my query they were interested in. Because I have still not heard anything back though, I just sent a follow-up email to them and I also thought that I ought to try to find whoever the named manuscript belonged to- it seems it is you! If you are searching for an agent still, perhaps you would like to contact them and send the 50 pages explaining what happened. I am just hoping that agents are not requesting my manuscripts and sending the emails to other authors.. I’m sure it was just a mistake as they are all very busy. I am still unclear on which manuscript, or if it were both of ours, that they are interested in and so I thought I would let you know. It is difficult enough to find the right agent without emails going to the wrong author. Best of luck!
    –Megan, a fellow author also querrying


    • Oh, my word, Megan! How weird. But thank you so much for sending me this message. I’ll follow up.

      Good luck to you, too.


  2. Laura Loughridge

    My name is Laura Loughridge from Poets Roundtable of Arkansas. I would like to email you information on being a possible judge for our annual Sybil Nash Abrams Poetry Award. Lauracurt102@att.net


  3. dinny

    hello anne,
    can you tell us more about grover’s crossing in south freeport


  4. Trevin Matlock

    A question from a sales rep for Dovecote. How is this related to the Ghost and Mrs. Muir? We are going out to sell shortly and any information will be appreciated.


    • Hi!

      My real email is annewords1965@gmail.com; if you need to contact me again, that might be more efficient.

      I haven’t heard anyone speak of “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” in ages! Other than a widow and a ghost, in a cottage somewhere on the coast of England, I don’t know as there’s much more in common. There are actually two presences in Dovecote, the main character’s great-aunt and great-uncle. The first is sad, the second angry. There is also a resentful male cousin, and Gwynn, the main character, has to figure out what part of the strange happenings is caused by the supernatural, and what part by human agency.

      What else might I tell you that could help? I used to love “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” when I was a (very small) kid.



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