On Songs to Bike to 101-2D: “Tubthumping” and “A River Runs”


I’ve been feeling a general malaise this week (sometimes bordering on existential dread), and that has translated into slow rides on the bike–not a really good thing, with the MS ride coming up this Saturday, but better than not riding at all.

This morning, the clouds sat thick on the side of the mountain, one of those times the real weather mirrored the psychological weather:  how metaphorical!  I dragged myself out anyway, and the song I forced into my head was “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba.  Because anarchy!

Sadly, today in the humidity, it didn’t work.  I didn’t speed up.  I slowed down and found, instead, the song in my head was “A River Runs” by Oysterband.  Not a bad choice for my mental soundtrack, of course.  It’s a lovely song, and it’s by Oysterband.  So–I went with it.  Because if you’re not feeling anarchical, you might as well be kind to yourself.

Onward and upward!

P. S.   Ironically, last summer, because of the way the universe unwinds, I ended up riding around in the back of a car, in Hampshire, in the south of England, with John Jones, the lead singer for Oysterband, and Boff Whalley, the lead guitarist for Chumbawamba.  Wait, what?  Yeah, that happened.  And I was okay with it.

Boff Whalley

Boff Whalley

John Jones, rambling

John Jones, rambling

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