On Year 5: February’s Poems

It’s cold!  There will be six more weeks of winter!  And of course, ironically, Groundhog Day is marked by a snow day, because there’s a blizzard.  Hardly any snow in January, and then things go absolutely crazy, weather-wise.  Still, there are poems.  And we read them!

February 2, Monday: snow day–no school

Margaret Atwood

February 3, Tuesday: “February” by Margaret Atwood

February 4, Wednesday: “The Coyote” by Alan Feldman

February 5, Thursday: “February” by Jack Collom

February 6, Friday: “February” by Bill Christopherson

February 9, Monday: “Recitative” by A. E. Stallings (because this week I’m reading Valentine’s poems–why not?)

February 10, Tuesday: “Song” by D. H. Lawrence

February 11, Wednesday: “Tutto è Sciolto” by James Joyce

Helen Hoyt

February 12, Thursday: “The Root” by Helen Hoyt

February 13, Friday: “Night of Love” by Paul Laurence Dunbar

February 16-20:  February vacation–no school

February 23, Monday:”Late February” by Ted Kooser

February 24, Tuesday: “Ice Men” by James Longenbach

February 25, Wednesday: “Bleak Weather” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

February 26, Thursday: “Dreaming in Swedish” by Philip Levine (because his death, last week, made me very sad)

February 27, Friday: “She Walks in Beauty” by George Gordon, Lord Byron

So that’s February done.  This year, despite its being the shortest month and having winter break in it to boot, February felt like the longest, because of the snow and bitter cold.  Even today it’s not letting go without a snarl, treating us to sub-zero temperatures.  Perhaps that’s why there are so many good poems about February:  so we’ll have the words to keep us warm on the dark days.  Still, March is coming, and with it, spring.  There is hope.

Any favorite March poems out there?icicles

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