On Songs to Bike to 101 (pt VIII)


The cool thing about riding the Tour de Dixmont?  All the people who wave.  Cindy the mail lady.  The guys in the dump trucks going from the gravel pit across the North Road to wherever.  The guys putting metal roofing on a farmhouse on the North Road.  The man in North Dixmont mowing his lawn.  The guys building the wheelchair ramp on my neighbor’s house.  The man driving the Peacemeal Farms truck.  They’re used to me, I think, seeing me nearly every day in good weather, slogging my way around (top downhill speed today 42.2 mph).  I’m a fixture.  A pet bike rider.  Which is okay.  In fact, it’s rather cheering.

Day after tomorrow is the MS 150:  my 13th.  That’s why I’m a fixture, riding around here.  As I told Cindy the mail lady this morning, after all this pedaling, I think I’ll be able to do it again.  Which might be why the song in my head this morning is “Rise Above” by the Oysterband.  It’s rather an affirming song–and it sets a good pedaling cadence.  And the end is beautiful.


Here you go.

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