On Songs to Bike to 101 (pt VII)



This morning, when I got up, the road was wet, but the sun was out here at Sunny Corner…so I thought I was safe.  I made it halfway on my chosen route this morning before I rode right into the rain.  Not a hard rain–not so much as a shower–but with bigger drops than a mist.  They slapped on the tar, they slapped on my glasses, they slapped on my helmet.  All in a half-hearted sort of way.  And at my maximum downhill speed today, 43.8 mph, those raindrops drove like little nails into my skin.

Perhaps, then it was apropos that the song in my head was “Let Her Run” from Bellowhead’s new CD Revival.  Because I was running hard:  there are only a couple more riding days until this year’s MS 150, and if I put in the work now, this coming Saturday and Sunday will be the proverbial walk in the park.  Or ride, if you will

Here you go:

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