On Songs to Bike to 101 (pt VI)

bikeOnly six more days until the MS 150, and the good news is that there was a surprising lack of carnage on the Tour de Dixmont this morning:  no dead animals anywhere.  It was another beautiful morning to head for the hills, as it were, and thanks to the way-cool tech at Pat’s Bike Shop in Brewer, who fixed my computer yesterday, I could once again keep track of things, like my maximum downhill speed (38.3 mph) and my average speed (14.1 mph).  For the most part, the computer’s just for amusement–except in the real ride, when it’s useful for reading course cue sheets:  left turn onto X road after 4.7 miles, for example, or my personal favorite, rest stop 9.6 miles.

In any case, because of FB friend Astrid, I almost ended up with “On the Cover of the Rolling Stone”–or God forbid, its bastard cousin “On the Cover of the Music City News”–in my head on the way out.  Somehow, though, the song today ended up being “Mustang Sally” (might just have been the yellow convertible Mustang that passed me on the road)–the version from The Commitments.


Here you go:


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