On Year 4: February’s Poems

frozen waterfallDespite being the shortest month, and despite being a month in which we have a week’s vacation, February is always difficult.  Perhaps it’s the cold–and it has been very cold.  In any case, it is a month that always seems to inspire poets to write cold poems.  In its own dark way, February is inspirational.  That’s what being snowbound will do to a person, I guess.

So:  here are some selections for this month.

February 3, Monday:  “February Evening in New York“by Denise Levertov

Denise Levertov

Denise Levertov

February 4, Tuesday: “‘Make It New‘” by Alice Fulton

February 5, Wednesday: snow day–no school

February 6, Thursday: “Against the Evidence” by David Ignatow

February 7, Friday: “At the Toll Booth” by Marilyn Donnelly (because it takes place on the Maine Turnpike, which the students thought was interesting.  Poets drive on that?)

alice fulton

Alice Fulton

February 10, Monday: “Gratitude for Old Teachers” by Robert Bly

February 11, Tuesday: “Taking Down the Tree” by Jane Kenyon

February 12, Wednesday: “Into My Own” by Robert Frost (because it was suggested by my friend Jean’s daughter)

February 13, Thursday: “Snow Signs” by Charles Tomlinson

February 14, Friday: snow day–no school

Marina Tsvetaeva

February 17-21:  Winter vacation–no school.

February 24, Monday: “I am happy living simply” by Marina Tsvetaeva

February 25, Tuesday: “Inaction of Shoes” by Ron Padgett (because sometimes you just need to have a cheerful poem in the midst of all this darkness)

February 26, Wednesday: “Yard Sale” by George Bilgere (This poem caused a person in first period to exclaim spontaneously, “That’s really sad!”)

February 27, Thursday: “Snow-Flakes” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (because it’s his birthday!)

February 28, Friday: “Afternoon in February” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (because this will be the last one in this February, of course)

The good news is–spring comes next month.  Hope springs eternal, and all that. Send me some suggestions!

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