On Year 3: January’s Poems

January!  What a hard month.  The cruelest one–don’t you believe anyone who tells you that’s April.  The big come-down off the holiday high, the wind howling down from the north, freezing everything it touches…and then suddenly, a day with a warm south wind that gives you a hint of what you’ve been missing, before yanking you back into the deep-freeze.  I have such trouble with January.  It saps me emotionally, more than anything else.

And yet, it’s a month which has encouraged so many poets to sit and take up the pen.  Perhaps because it’s ever so much better to huddle next to the woodstove and battle with words than to go outside and battle with frostbite?

In any case, here are some poems for this month:

May Sarton

January 2, Wednesday:  “New Year Resolve” by May Sarton

January 3, Thursday: “Glass Night” by Wes McNair

January 4, Friday: “Orchard Trees, January” by Richard Wilbur

January 7, Monday: “Wind” by Ted Hughes

January 8,  Tuesday: “The Snow that Never Drifts” by Emily Dickinson

January 9, Wednesday: “Myth Dispelled” by Adam Possner  (because everyone’s getting the flu!)

January 10, Thursday: “Witness” by Denise Levertov

January 11, Friday: “You, Reading This, Be Ready” by William Stafford

January 14, Monday: “Thaw” by Edward Thomas

January 15, Tuesday: “Now Winter Nights Enlarge” by Thomas Campion

January 16, Wednesday: “The Snow Storm” by Edna St. Vincent Millay  (anyone who can use “hexagonal” as an end-rhyming word is a goddess)

January 17: Thursday: “The Bridge” by Dawn Potter

January 18, Friday: “Cold Poem” by Mary Oliver

January 21, Monday:  no school–Martin Luther King Day

January 22, Tuesday: “Poem About an Owl” by Deborah Garrison

January 23-25, Wednesday-Friday:  midterm exams.

January 28, Monday: “A Little Shiver” by Barton Sutter

January 29, Tuesday: “Good-bye and Keep Cold” by Robert Frost

January 30, Wednesday: What?  A snow day?  Well, ice, really, but the end’s the same.

January 31, Thursday: “A South Wind–has a pathos” by Emily Dickinson

And so–we made it.  Through January, to its strangely balmy end.  Wonder what’s in store for February?  Hey, you!  You reading this!  Send me some poem titles!  Thanks.


  1. wow! What a wonderful wonderful post! Thank you and it’ll be reblogged on girlwiththepen1118! Thank You !


  2. Reblogged this on "Ye Shall Know Me by My Fruits" and commented:
    A wonderful collection of Poets on Winter poetry ~ I’ve enjoyed them all, so will you! Take a view at Millay and Garrison and as many as may inspire~ Faithfully your fan, Deborah


  3. You are a very gifted poet…I understand why my sister Deborah reblogged your post! So very inviting and such a real delight to read! God bless!


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