On April’s Poems

It’s National Poetry Month!  We must throw a month-long party now!  My friends Karen, Teri, Lisa, Diana, Maureen, and a whole slew of other people started the month off right by going to a workshop/presentation by Baron Wormser on Saturday the 2nd, in Hallowell.  What a great way to start

(I was there when it wasn't closed, of course...)

this month–any month.  Baron gave a talk on the writer’s life, stressing that of Robert Frost.  Then he gave us a series of prompts, with illustrative poems, to use with our classes.  As it is, reading poems every day in class was a suggestion I took from Baron during my week at the Frost Place last summer.  It’s truly a revolutionary exercise.

April 1, Friday:  Snow day…a pretty bad April Fool’s Day joke, if you ask me.

April 4, Monday:  “Carthage’s Advisors” by Baron Wormser

April 5, Tuesday:  “Weeds” by Wesley McNair

April 6, Wednesday:  “The Day Lady Died” by Frank O’Hara

April 7, Thursday: Library presentation to all my classes…

April 8, Friday:  “What She Said” by Billy Collins:  this was funny.  None of the girls in 3rd period got it.  They all stared at me blankly.  What’s this one supposed to be about? a girl in the front row asked.  This after I’d even told them Billy Collins liked to play with words…they apparently never heard the word “like” in this poem at all.  Wow.

April 11, Monday: “There Are No Stars Tonight But Those of Memory” by Christian Barter

Mary Oliver: gotta love this picture.

April 12, Tuesday: “Lesson” by Adélia Prado

April 13, Wednesday: “Happiness” by Mary Oliver

April 14, Thursday:  “Home Thoughts from Abroad” by Robert BrowningO, to be in England now that April’s there!

April 15-24:  vacation–and for most of it, I’ll be in England.  Just sayin’.

April 26, Tuesday: “Deliberate” by Amy Uyematsu

April 27, Wednesday: “Wreck in the Woods” by Dave Smith

Ted Kooser

April 28, Thursday:  “Nature Moment” by Dave Smith

April 29, Friday:  “Mother” by Ted Kooser

I love April.  I love Poetry Month.  I love April vacation.  I love the sudden burst of green.  I love my birthday.  The world is a beautiful place and I am happy to be in it.  Ted Kooser’s poem was the perfect one to end this month of readings.


  1. I heard Ted Kooser’s “Mother” on The Writer’s Almanac, and was captivated–such beautiful imagery and language, such a fresh take on several time-tested themes. I also love reading your


  2. A-hem! Damn wordpress that published my comment before I finished. I love reading your monthly poem lists–I’ve found several new lovelies this way.


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